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Expert Focus

Nov 29, 2018

John DeMato is an extraordinary photographer who works with speakers to get their personalities out to the world through what he refers to as Visual Punctuation. He understands that an actual portrayal of who a person truly is will not only get them speaking engagements but will get you more business as well. People tend to want to be around other people who are like them, so being relatable is not only a good thing, it’s human. John works with speakers and business owners so that they don’t pose pretending to work while staring at the camera. He also shares his views on what makes great content, and drops a lot of food for thought that you can think about and apply to your own online presence!


In This Episode

  • Why photographers often struggle with the marketing elements of their business
  • Yeah, absolutely!
  • How do you connect with your clients beyond transactional business relationships
  • Why no one wants to be around a “superhero” all of the time
  • Getting your foot in the door is one thing, but how do you stay in the house?
  • What is visual punctuation?
  • Qualifying people in, and qualifying people out


“Usually when people come into this business, they’re coming in as an escape or some kind of creative outlet” - John

“When you become a jack of all trades, you’re a master of none. You don’t have a niche” -John

“It’s about them as a person and what they want to achieve” - Claire

“Don’t just be a superhero, be relatable in your content” - John

“People don’t want to be sold to, they want that relationship” - John

“It’s about being true to who you are, being true to your people and being consistent about it” - John

“Rightly or wrongly people are judgemental, they will judge you” - Claire


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