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Are you an aspiring speaker, coach or trainer? An expert in your own crazy little niche? Or maybe you just love marketing in all its forms? You’ll probably kinda like The Expert Focus Podcast.

Host Claire Dowdall is a marketing geek by trade. Having worked in corporate, trained businesses, spoken on every medium

Oct 26, 2018

Welcome back to the Expert Focus Podcast! In this episode, Claire is joined by Leslie Ehm. Leslie is the president and chief fire starter at Combustion Training. She’s also a keynote speaker, badass entrepreneur and a boxer for good. Claire and Leslie cover a lot of important ground in this one: they debunk “the...

Oct 19, 2018

The best copywriter on earth (and former voice actor) Adil Amarsi joins Claire on today’s episode of the Expert Focus Podcast. They discuss all things copywriting and selling a story. Adil drops some seriously useful tips, insights and knowledge in this episode. Hear it, Learn it, Apply it.


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Oct 12, 2018

Claire is joined by the gentlemanly and influential Bob Burg. Bob is the author of The Go Giver, and speaks all over the world on topics related to the book. He’s written a new one called The Go Giver Influencer, and is here to talk about the word influence, and what it means. He also talks about power, tact, and...

Oct 5, 2018

Oli Luke started in business at 15 years old in a pretty unique niche. As he grew as a person so did his outlook on things, and he found himself lost in trying to find his “why”. During a mastermind, a blunt business owner handed his purpose to him in the simplest terms possible: build big businesses.


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