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Are you an aspiring speaker, coach or trainer? An expert in your own crazy little niche? Or maybe you just love marketing in all its forms? You’ll probably kinda like The Expert Focus Podcast.

Host Claire Dowdall is a marketing geek by trade. Having worked in corporate, trained businesses, spoken on every medium

Oct 9, 2020

Majid is a multi-award winning professional who has a proven track record in high value and high volume sales with the likes of British Telecom (BT) and other international companies.

He is a certified NLP coach who regularly trains senior leaders in the public sector and professionals such as lawyers,...

Oct 2, 2020

It feels right and proper to let James Orpin introduce himself in some quotation marks here…


“Hey I’m James, lover of all the F’s 


Family, Food, Fitness and Fun (oh and the word F*ck) 


I'm one of the creators of Fat loss and LOLS


Our mission is to show mums how to ditch fat and get fit in a FUN & SIMPLE...