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Are you an aspiring speaker, coach or trainer? An expert in your own crazy little niche? Or maybe you just love marketing in all its forms? You’ll probably kinda like The Expert Focus Podcast.

Host Claire Dowdall is a marketing geek by trade. Having worked in corporate, trained businesses, spoken on every medium

Jan 25, 2019

Welcome to episode twenty-one of The Expert Focus Podcast, hosted by the cheerful and experienced coach Claire Dowdall. During the course of this episode Claire has a chat with Jon Buchan the Founder/Director of The Charm Offensive. Jon’s career as a business owner changed fast and in a good way when he sent a drunken email that he says changed his life. He and Claire take the time to share as many helpful insights into successful SEO and copywriting as they have time for!


In This Episode

  • Jon talks about applying for a job with a bullet point list and quitting his way to the top
  • The secret sauce of humor, honesty, and writing that can get things done in your life
  • Comedy is disarming
  • What if you’re not funny?
    • Follow joke formulas
    • Watch sitcoms/stand up
  • Little sound bites can make a massive difference in your exposure
  • Pitching often is an important part of reaching your goals
  • When writing copy make sure it is done with spoken readibility
    • Write how people talk
    • Try not to use jargon and what you might consider professional words/phrases
    • Write daily
  • Remember - your email is interrupting someone’s day by popping into their inbox. Make sure you’re sending them something worthwhile that is going to stand out. If you can make someone smile or even laugh the chances of getting nasty emails in response is slim.


“The first cold email I sent wasn’t a particularly charming one”

“It’s easy to run an agency when you’ve got sales teams giving you hot leads”

“There is a way of writing using humor and honesty that is effective”

“CEO’s are still people”

“The right words, in the right order, to the right people can get you almost anywhere in life”

“B2B doesn’t have to stand for boring to boring”

“I pitch often because that’s how you get your numbers up and that’s how you get good at it”

“You can use copy for any asks.”

“What is professionalism any way?”


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